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. caller: we in michigan have to decide in november whether to allow a big state to come into a city to take over and take a financial manager or an emergency manager and. i guess they think the cities who have -- local government where they can come in and remove the city officials. like the mayor, city council. now, i do not think that is what the presidential candidate mitt romney had in mind when he wanted to say states have rights. but what about the city's rights to elect their own elected officials? and i guess follow their own destiny? winnie's a government interference, i understand you are talking about the federal. but i heard mitt romney say states' rights. is it the right of the state to come into the cities and overthrow the local municipalities? if that is big government, small government. i do not know. i think they should have the right to control their own destiny in their own city. it is on the ballot in november. and i am telling everybody in michigan to a vote it down. we did not need dictatorship. it is a dictator bill. host: thank you. on twitter -- the governm
in 17 states without power. it could be days before the power is restored. seven of 10 new york city tunnels flooded. some say is a freak storm that cannot be tied to climate change. we will get your take on that. republicans -- 202-585-3881. democrats -- 202-585-3880. independence -- 202-585-3882. you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. we will begin with the editorial page. and their thoughts on this. sandy signals an era of extreme weather. this is what the editorial pages to say. even before citi turned ashore near publix city -- debate was raising in scientific and government circles over whether the monster hurricane nor'easter was a spawn of global warming. a lot of the conclusion is that sandy would have happened with or without climate change. but the extra heat and humidity. this much seems beyond speak. because of man-made warming, the united states is in an era of extreme weather events. that is with usa today has to say. contrast that with the washington times editorial page. franken storm. it was not caused the industrial revolution. a 2010 study by the national hurricane sys
is not based on any big city in milwaukee, so he could pretty much say what he wanted and his constituency did not watch c-span. they did not really know the guy. but they know him now. warm hughere's no there. i'm in the age group where it will not affect me if he puts his plan. but i do have done a siblings. my husband has done a siblings and it will affect them. they're in their '40's. one more call from j.c. in missouri, a republican. caller: i want ryan to be vice president. he is going to support mitt romney very good. we have to remember they are christians an. we are going to take back america. we are responsible, because you look at the president and the vice-president, the vice president is not helping the jewish people. the president is putting us in debt. our grandkids will not come out of this. host: thanks for the 25 calls. after all that, there is this tweet -- that's the end of that segment. coming up next, jess bravin will join us for the opening of the supreme court term, which starts today, which cases will be at the top of the dogged and what the teams will be. -- the top o
, rockingham county area, cities like rochester are certainly areas that are indicative of what may happen in this election. but the other location candidates are coming into is the city of nashua, the second- largest city in the state. we are seeing the president was there a few days ago last saturday. it seems to be a place that is being fought over. it's along the massachusetts border. massachusetts is the stated that governor romney led. so it is a very interesting area. many of the people from nashua work in massachusetts. host: who are the voters in this area? guest: new hampshire has traditionally libertarian streak. our motto is live free or die. it is a tossup location. the voters, i think they are voting for the person they think is going to lead this country the next four years. some people will say new hampshire has a summer home of governor romney and the state next door, massachusetts, where he was governor. i think that is less of a factor. i think the people of new hampshire can see beyond that and are voting for the person they think is best for the 50 states. host: tell u
: the candidates have been through your city many times. have you been to a rally for president obama? caller: i was at one rally and it was raining that day. it was love to stand out there in that rally, but i did it anyway. -- it was rough. host: what was the security like and how early did you have to go? caller: i did not see any incidents and security was not bad. you had to get there a little early because they always block off the main thoroughfares to get into wherever the president is. that was probably the only difficult thing for me, was to get to the venue. i felt secure when i was there. i did not feel anything was going to happen. when you go to these rallies, everybody is all eyeball's anyway because they are hoping nothing does happen, so their life is not in danger. host: how many hours ahead did you have to get their? caller: just a couple. when you do something like that, you have to prepare for something like that. if you have to budget your time for at least -- if it normally takes 15 or 20 minutes to get there, you take that into consideration and then take into considerati
the past 48 hours. on tuesday and wednesday, they visited a combined 11 cities in six states covering more than 3,000 miles each. the president started in florida into ohio, nevada, denver, colorado, out to los angeles for an appearance on "the tonight show" last night. the president traveling again back in that crucial swing state of ohio. mitt romney's camp also going to ohio, out to nevada in rena and also to colorado. we will be tracking all those movements today. we want to know which issue is driving your vote. we will start on the democratic line. robert, what is driving your vote? caller: the republicans made the statement that they refuse to work with this president and they were going to see that he was going to be a one-time president. because of that, i think we should send this president back to the white house to work with republicans. otherwise we would be perpetuating a dysfunctional government. we should put him back in the white house and forced the republicans to work with this president. if we do not, we are perpetuating the prophecy of this president being a one-time p
and i've talked to the governors of the potentially impacted states as well as the cities in the region. at this stage, everybody is confident that the staging process, the position of equipment that are going to be needed to respond to the storm are in place. but as craig has imp sized this hasn't hit land fall yet so we don't know where it's going to hit or where we're going to see the biggest impacts. and that's why it's so important for us to respond big and fast as local information starts coming in. i want to thank all the members of the team for the outstanding work that they're doing. but the other thing that makes this storm unique is we anticipate it's going to be slow moving. that means it may take a long time not only to clear but to get, for example, the power companies to get in to clear trees and put things back in place so that folks can start moving back home. so my main message to everybody involved is that we have to take this seriously t. federal government is working effectively with the state and local dwovements. it's going to be very important that populations in
that i am familiar with. i would reinstate the mexico city policy which is that foreign aid dollars from the united states would not be used to carry out abortions and other countries. host: that is audio from his sit-down with the "desk moines register"board. >> his campaign has been very disciplined lately. that was not the right place. the problem and should have not said under any circumstances. what i think it means is that he picked paul ryan as the biggest issue. he said he will put every bit of his efforts into that. once that is fixed, you can turn to other issues. that's probably a view that is shared by the vast majority of americans. you don't want to deal with abortion, that you are making that a secondary issue. for voters, that is a primary issue. it is about whether people live or die. i was a very violence led community. -- they have a very pro-life community. host: is the headline from "politico." let's go to the phones. san marino, california, republican. caller: thank you for cspan. i want to get your impression over the whole thing that we have been told our last, ho
the salt lake city tribune which is a paper that praises mitt romney but endorses the president. florida a key battleground state and the tampa bay times endorses president barack obama. next is a caller from oregon. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i personally think you have to keep your eye out on them. are you there? host: yes. caller: you have to keep your eye on the media. the fourth estate. i really pay attention locally. i think that is really important. i think people need to really start at home. i tried to listen to everybody. i called on the republican line. i definitely listen to other people. i watch a lot of c-span, which educates me a lot. people need to not be so easily set -- easily lead it. host: thank you. on our twitter page -- another key florida newspaper endorses mitt romney. to reset is on the phone from jersey city, new jersey. -- theresa is o nthe phone. caller: i do not think it matters to they endorse. they are just like people. they slant one way or the other. they are either liberal newspapers or conservative newspapers. i really feel tha
, this is from "the new york daily news." "shot, city braces for a monster." of the store is looking at the potential impact of the storm. "destructive potential of the storm tops the scale." bill, florida, what do you think the impact could be on campaign 2012? >> being in florida, florida has received more hurricanes than any other state in the nation and we don't seem to be disrupted whit comes to voting times host: so you're not worried about it. caller: i am in terms of any bad weather. i've been watching the three debates and the white tie dinner in chicago, i've watched all the debates on c-span so far. host: when you say the white -- the fancy dress event, are you talking about the al smith dinner in new york? caller: that's right. everybody has made shots at mr. biden. they don't realize he's only a heart beat away from being the commander in chief of this country. host: good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i don't know which party it's going to hurt more or help for that matter. i think it's just going to end the race for the president early because i think som
in the quad cities, but good news the democrats. it's very heavy in northwest iowa, but good for republicans. the central part of the states, including des moines, that democratic. we will watch the turnout. democrats have to come out of here with $10,000 plurality of voters in that county, the democratic part of the state. we will see what kind of "margin call, obama has here. host: voting systems in your state, how do you vote? guest: i voted two weeks ago. we have early voting and starts three weeks before the election. you can vote early. about one-third of the total votes cast will be cast before election day. a lot of the stuff that's happening right now in terms of trying to influence voters is wasted, because a lot of people have already voted. you can vote in your present before the election and then we have -- we vote in precincts across the state in every corner of the state by machine. host: if there were any issues and a recount was necessary, how does that work in iowa? guest: we do have a procedure for a recount. if an election is within 2 percentage points, it's an automatic
be allowed to vote. i remember when i change my address from the same city to a different address, it was an election year. i would have had to wait until the next election before i was allowed to vote. i have been a vote for quite a long time, and i vote absentee because i am in a wheelchair. i think it is and average the way it is so forceful to get mitt romney into the office. nobody bothered to look -- when you start drilling and digging, we are allowed to be over populated. nobody bothered to check if we have enough land or water. the list goes on and on. host: thank you for the call. this is from jan. what happens if there is a recount or an election dispute? the numbers are on the bottom of the screen. also facebook and our e-mail address. from the "philadelphia inquirer .: we will turn more to pennsylvania later in the program as we focus on 10 key battleground states. another editorial we want to share with the from the des moines and register, which in the past it endorsed democrats. the last time it endorsed a republican was richard nixon. we will talk to the editorial
. there is a pitch my friends in city council will be happy for. a lot of others have already made up their minds. both sides can look at the recovery act and make strong cases for wire why not it did not work. we do not have enough time today to dispute that, but the point that we make in the editorials are that it provided significant spending to the state of colorado. it funded teacher jobs and other government programs to lessen the impact of the great recession here in the state and stimulus spending allowed for many of those schauble-ready -- shovel ready project to move forward. in recent history, we have had a hard time finding some of these on our own. women's health issue will be a big one, especially in the suburbs around denver. the automobile industry one does not play quite as strongly here, but it is certainly something to consider. we have a healthy manufacturing sector, not tied to the automobile industry, but it's one of the key pieces of our economy here. host: one other issue people are pay attention to are the congressional races. can you sum them up for us? guest: the hot ra
in the stereotypes. el paso is the safest city in america for a city its a great economic engine for our state, great communities. >> i have stated that think we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. this raises an important question -- mexico is a great and mighty nation, and it is tragic what is happening in mexico, the violence. i was visiting with a mexican businessman some time ago who described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been for the past week, minute by minute. it is tragic what is happening -- getting to the united states should work cooperatively with mexico to help the mexican government solve this problem, stop the violence, and stop the drug lords terrorize and some of the innocent citizens. >> the texas senate seat held by retiring senator kay bailey hutchison is one of the key races you can watch on c-span, c-span radio, and c-span.org /campaign2012. >> now, several perspectives on the presidential campaign in the battleground state of pennsylv
down on wall street, not sesame street." victor is up next from oregon city oregon. what about your job status? caller: i have been unemployed for over two years now. i previously worked in the oil industry since 1979. i worked two years ago in nevada doing in geothermal wells. from that status, i got laid off from that position. i have been paying attention to where the jobs are, where the money is. and my home town in oregon city, i talked to people who tell me i'm overqualified and have made too much money and i would not be happy with a job status that i am applying for. i have been blessed now. i am seeking a job the same company since june of this year. now i will be going to work in north dakota which is 1,300 miles from my home town. i am going to be doing fluid recovery in the oil wells. unemploymenthat dropped to 7.8%, for example, what people don't understand is that not everybody that applies for unemployment is getting unemployment anymore. in my case, i drew unemployment for over two years. my status now is still unemployed. i am no longer collecting. people are not collec
co-ed school located in hempstead, long island, 25 miles east of new york city with 12,500 students and about 1114 members of the faculty. of course, that sports complex hosted the third and final debate between presidential candidates barack obama and john mccain back in 2008. we are turning now to the issue of campaign and spending and are propublica" reporter, just and elliott, to shed some light on those political ads on television. house about the free files movement that you have been promoting. guest: it is a communications rule this year that requires some television stations in major markets to put a certain political advertising data online. the background here is that by law these television stations have to keep on file certain information about political ads, like when they run the entity for the campaign outside groups, how much was paid for the ad, and a bunch of other information. the problem was for journalists and the public, before this year, that information was kept on physical files at television station around the country. this year the fcc, over the objection
on thousand jobs in the same city. there you go, america. we do not have to guess anymore. caller: here are some other twitter comment. genuses, too much about middle east and israel. one of the greatest threats to the united states is drugs coming across the border. and 30 more minutes and mitt romney would have been endorsing president obama. and just says the potus should poise in the class. and finally, bill says obama wins hands down. but i do not believe debates matter the most. mathieu in kentucky on our support mitt romney line. are you with us? please go ahead and make your comment. caller: i was calling to support mitt romney. i am in kentucky where we actually produce coal. i know we have been out here and we have lost jobs due to shipping coal and selling its overseas and everything. we are looking at over thousands of the men that are out of work here, that have taken money from our home state in the kentucky and virginia and west virginia. and i think that being able to produce our own energy here through the cold instead of forcing to take the jobs over what help us. host
what you have to say. bob is in new york city on the democratic line. caller: i have two questions for the candidates. why, in this day and age, are women's reproductive rights even being called up? are they aware that in this century, at this late date -- why are we going back and rehashing this? an issue that has been dealt with and should not even be on the table? also, i would want to know possibly, and i will vote for the president, and from him i would want to know why -- i thought that his calling when he came to office was to get on top of wall street, get on top of that problem with the big banks, with all the crazy financing that even some of the experts cannot understand. again, i will vote for him, maybe he will do this in the next term, deal with the big banks and the issues surrounding why they have not been regulated or clamped down on in a meaningful way so that we can go forward. if we are going to talk about certainty, we need to know that the banks will not be falling back into the abyss that they got us into before. host: richard, republican line, hello. caller:
factors, life experiences, rick and assist the city -- race and ethnicity. the last part is what abigail objects to. there is no role for the government to be sort of people by race. >> the university of texas of austin's has what? guest: they say the supreme court has endorsed education and diversity as a compelling goal for the government and an exception to the usual rule that the government should not be classified people by race. it is true, and a 5-4 decision, the supreme court said that, but the key vote, sandra day o'connor, has retired, replaced by a more conservative judge, samuel alito, so in that they give us a new result. >> what is the result of this, who will hear it, who will decide? guest: only eight justices will decide. elena kagan is reduced from oregon and the case as a former u.s. solicitor general. it is a good bet the four more conservative justices, if not to strike an entirely, will limit the use of race. the three more liberal ones will go the other way. as usual, anthony kennedy will hold the deciding vote. on the one hand, he has said there have been some pos
heading into an era of bailouts a city? is there such a thing as a failed city? >> more with "detropia" heide ewing on c-span's q and s. book tv stops in austin, texas, for the live coverage of the 17th annual texas took it's festival, saturday. leather from david weston on his 13 years in the network news business. douglas brinkley on the late news anchor, walter cronkite. and texas native l.b.j. and lady bird johnson >> the texas book festival live this weekend on book tv on c-span2. "washington journal" continues. host: look at the battleground state of wisconsin as part of an ongoing series that we are doing here at "washington journal." we'll take 10 battle ground steaks in over 10 days we'll bring you not only what's going on as far as the ground game is concerned, but also kind of get in perspectives on partisans as well as we set up to talk about wisconsin. wanted to give you the full line. if you wanted to talk about wisconsin specifically, maybe add it to the general election overall, here's how you can do so. 202-585-3881, those of you who are registered as republicans. 202-
have a situation where if you look and research it, the city of london which is one square mile in the heart of london which is not even governed by the laws of england, the queen of england has to have special permission to go in there. that is the banking center in the world. there is no limit to the rehab provocation of collateral. that means they are manufacturing money out of medicare. that is why we have a two quadrillion derivative debt in the world. a america is only $16 trillion in the debt. the whole world is bankrupt because of that. what about their debt? congress to bail them out last time because they threaten to have martial law in the streets. host: we are going to go to a tweet. do you think the american dream has been downsized? that is the story -- that is the question this morning. we are watching to see the republican numbers come out. they plan to send their numbers of very sen. here is what about mitt romney. -- here is one about mitt romney. some other news stories from the campaign trail. expectations run high ahead of the single chance to face off. they
involved in seeking any public office in your city, in your county, in your state, you would find that it is very difficult to seek. public seek you have to take a lot of abuse. some of the things people say about candidates, it just is not right. but get yourself involve. i am also responsible for newt gingrich resigned. i made a statement about food for thought and you can go on the internet. and i talk about open marriage and adultery. that was the number-one hit in the world and i made it very clear that we are not going to allow these candidates to run for public office who have committed adultery. . i also gave a copy to senator mccain when he came into lakeland. i told him to give it to mr. romney, that it would help him. and newt gingrich resigned within a month and a half. i also made the statement and the commissioners in the county never stopped me. i put it so everyone can see it. it will be there forever. host: banks are weighing into the campaign. here are some comments on facebook -- you can share your opinion on facebook by looking for c-span. we have a poll on whe
institutions that were falling such as the salt lake city olympics. we have a great opportunity here. we need to create jobs. we need to grow in economy. guest: the only thingly take issue with, guy said romney has been very successful in his life and he has accomplished a great deal. part of the question we have in this question, what is success. i think again, the problem with mitt romney's record is he has gone in, taken over companies, laid off workers increased his bottom line but hurt the communities. again, this is the choice that voters have in all of these house races as well. are ewith going to send people to congress, help these big corporations and provide more tax breaks to millionaires or focus on the middle class. that's success in the mind of the democrats running for the house this cycle. guest: fact is $800 billion in the stimulus failed. when you look at the president decided he wanted to invest government money, our taxpayer dollar into a company that failed. went bankrupt and lost jobs. they may have had great bathrooms and fantastic headquarters but they did not create
is from north carolina and we live in the city now and grow up in nevada but that was a privilege. to be able to vote and have a voice. so many people in mississippi did not know that. it is really important that we all have a voice. host: who will you vote for? caller: will vote caller: i am going to vote for mitt romney. he wants to help the economy grow. we had a business before katrina. we struggled. we really struggled. now we have no income. host: is it you are attracted to mitch romney because of his business background? caller: he is a family person with good values. he has good family values. he is kind and generous. from what he says and nobody has disputed it what he did for massachusetts. host: your reaction, celinda lake. guest: thank you for your comments. when i was 18, i went in and register to vote. a lot of people were not raise like you and i were. we are all equal on election day. it is important that people vote and that all those votes get counted. renewed efforts to discourage people from voting and i think that is wrong. you hope that romney would get the e
of voters. host: next call is in kansas city, missouri caller: my question to your guess is, how to use the border intimidation affecting the election? -- voter intimidation affecting the election? guest: the question we have gotten most of the cycle is about the notion of photo i.d., having to show that at the polls to vote. i guess i am biased because i live in washington and it seemed like i have to show my id to go to start talks. -- to go to starbucks. i am sort of used to it. but in a lot of places where it has been tested it has worked fairly well. states have been working hard to make sure that people who do not get -- do not have frodo adis get them. -- photo id's get them. there was some voter suppression advertisements in cleveland. they have been widely criticized. widespread suppression and tactics and widespread intimidation, i do not know that they are as rampant as people tend to believe they are. host: the next question comes from ellen chambers, a student at nowlin university -- lynn university. caller: given the outrageous monetary value being generated in both the c
on c-span radio as well. dennis, granite city, illinois. dennis, who are you supporting for president and what did you think of the debate last night? caller: i am going with mitt romney. our president for the last four years, as everyone knows, has been absent. no-show. last night at the debate, he was absent. no-show. 28 million people are suffering because of his absence. his absence in the congress. people have to open their eyes now. you cannot keep ignoring what has happened over the past afour years. based on what he says, he's going to do the next four years based on what he's already showed he's not doing in the past four years. he set himself up for this debate last night. obama set himself up. he knows he didn't do nothing, and then he tries to get on stage. how can he defend himself. he can't. that's why he looked down. it's a disgrace. host: did you vote for him in 2 -- did you vote in 2008. caller: i voted in 2008, and i voted for mccain. host: and why did you call in on this line? caller: i'll be honest with you, i couldn't get through on the other line. host: thank you
as an excellent piece of work with result in severe cutbacks to the agency as would republican i understand city gated sequester that could relief 8.2%. mr. romney believe that financially stressed states would do a better job than properly functioning federal agency? that is "new york times" editorial. a call from louisville, ohio. rex. independent caller. caller: i'm looking at the question and somebody will have to come to the realization that we are dealing with education regurgitation. because you said trust in government through natural disaster. could we trust so-called government in getting in to illegal unfunded wars or trust the government dealing with hiding fascist trade agreements or $4 for a gallon of gas? so, no, we can't trust the government. but the problem is the question. because the government is the people. if you go to the constitution, it is a government for the people by the people. and if you look at the election process that is going on today with unlimited campaign financing, you cannot get further from one citizen and one vote, a government for the people by the peopl
to campaigning. two cities and towns across our great country. under the same thing everywhere i go. -- i hear the same thing everywhere i go. and i admit sometimes it can be a grind. sometimes it feels like this race has dragged on forever. but paul ryan assured me we had only been running for two hours and 50 something minutes. [applause] of course, the economy is on everybody's minds. the unemployment rate is at the slowest of all since it took office. i do not have a joke here. i just thought it would use all to remind everybody. we will take a look with governor romney said in a few moments. we are asking what you think about a candidate's sense of humor. how important is it to you? we go to a democratic caller. caller: good morning. i am glad you got my call. i just want to say that i think that it is a great atmosphere that obama and mitt romney showing a sense of humor at this time. you see them go at each other on their debates. it is good for them to crack and a joke at each other while they have a chance before the last big debate. and i want the both of them -- i think we all shoul
pink areas. guest: 70 of the counties are red. the big cities are blue. the rural parts, a smaller counties are part of the republican coalition. if you look at election results on a statewide map, you will see mostly red. the blue areas is where the population centers are. host: turnout for election day and early voting, what are you looking at? to get out thetle base, for democrats in relatively few urban areas like columbus, toledo, akron, cleveland, dayton. and republicans getting out their base in rural and ex-urban areas, this will be critical. just as important if not more important than appealing to the meeting in voter. in this respect, this is why everybody looks to ohio every four years. a microcosm for the rest of the country, not in all respects but in this respect, where the battle over turnout will be huge. that's precisely why the obama campaign has been fighting so hard to preserve the early voting the last three days before the election, because they see this as a critical way of getting their base out. i think they think they are in a better position to do that f
cities? if he is not aware, there is a youtube video. what about filtering money through to the obama campaign for progressive insurance, coca- cola co., companies like that? obama says he is getting money from contributions, but they filter that money -- other money in. i will take the answer of the air. guest: if you take a look at the money being spent in this campaign, it is $1 billion. both sides have taken money from small donors, middle sized donors, large donors. i believe that americans have a right to put their money where their beliefs are. that is a sustainable part of our democracy. they are talking out of both sides of their mouth, frankly, belittling those who received large contributions, but they have received their fair share as well. you are either for free speech or you are not. newton before controlled spending, that is okay, but she cannot receive these funds and at the same time criticized the process. host: one of the handles from a reporter followers -- -- from our twitter follower -- host: what about they feel split loyalties? a hard one tos sustain, logicall
involved. the numbers are on your screen -- our first call comes from james in bay city, mich. on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. i understand if you have no children at all, it would be a good deal. on the other hand, what is the downside to this bank? -- to this thing? i am 90 years old. thank you. guest: the first thing people should think about is whether they really need to have this money. if you needed to stay in the home and you have no other assets or way to borrow money, then you should look into a reverse mortgage. the thing you have to be careful of, for instance, if you have a property that is valued at $250,000, and if you're 65, you could maybe get a loan of $135,000 on a because they don't give you the full value of the home in the loan. the give you a portion of that. it goes up as your oldness or fewer 90 years old and having to order the $2,000 house, you can get close to $200,000 on that house. what are you going to do without lump sum of money? if there is another 10 years that the person lives, you can be adding $80,000 or more to that loan. you could
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